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Do you feel frustrated enough? Because you frequently receive empty promises from other businesses that they will contact you later? We're here, so don't worry. You have the chance to complete an internship with Zest M Group. We'll train you based on management, leadership, and sales & marketing.

Personality we seek:

1.      Always grab and interest to get new knowledge and experience.

2.      Always enthusiastic and focused.

3.      Strong work ethics

4.      Flexible.

5.      Can work in a team.


Your Responsibility:

1.      Be on time and be responsible

2.      Market client’s product

3.      Organize Promotional Campaign

4.      Train new Brand Ambassador

5.      Learn how to lead your own team.


Perks you gain:

1.      Achievement in important skill

2.      Bonus and Incentive

3.      Fun Team Night

4.      Monthly road trip

5.      Opportunity builds your own company


If you are the person that we are looking for, CLICK APPLY NOW!! Don’t let others take the spot that belongs to you!!


Laporkan lowongan pekerjaan ini 🏴